Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

7th October 2010. 12:40PM

"Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life."

That is a mantra most Success Coaches have in common and hold close to their hearts. Since 1938 when Napoleon Hill first shared this thought in his book "Think And Grow Rich":

"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve." 

Many contemporary Success Coaches, till today, still share the same belief. Passionately.

At the recent Next Wave Event conducted by Gen-Y millionaires Shaun Stenning and Vince Tan, the message came across once again, loud and clear. In fact, setting our mindsets right was so important that before these two 20-somethings shared any of their wealth building internet marketing strategies with us, they spent half a morning stressing on the importance of having the Winning Mindset. 

Shaun and Vince kept reminding us to...
Change The Way You Think...
Change Your Results!

Mose people (95% of the world in fact) choose to listen to their Little Voice (also known as "critical voice"). They would rather give Excuses, Blame or live in Denial. 

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Can’t blame them (pun intended) – that’s a lot easier to do than to be Accountable for your every action. Which brings me back to something I’ve learned not too long ago at an Art of Living class... 

Responsibility is always taken, never given. 
When responsibility is given, it becomes a task. And yes, with great power comes great responsibility :)

No wonder only 5% of the world are truly successful in whatever they choose to do. It all boils down to having the Winning Mindset and Positive Attitude

For a person who has a Burning Desire for Success and has the Winning Mindset, there is simply no reason to fail. In fact, the only way one can fail is if he or she quits. Or never gets started! 
With 2 of the world's best
internet marketers as our mentors,
how can anyone fail?
So if failure is NOT an option, let's all change the way we think and raise our game from now on. To all my friends and Internet Marketing buddies out there, here's to Success and see you all at the top!


  1. Thank you Ming! I absolutely agree and like this posting 100%!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Chris. Good to know our thoughts are the same wave length :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Useful info!

  4. Just sharing what I've learned, Cathy. Thanks for your support.

  5. How very true Ming. It all starts with your attitude.

  6. Thanks, Ray! Just like Harv Eker says, "Your roots create the fruits. Your inner world creates your outer world." Love my mentors!

  7. Great practical ideas here. Keep them rolling in. If you want to hear it from the master himself (Napoleon Hill) visit There is also a bonus by Dr Randy Pausch

  8. Yes, you in the right path.... Great job.

  9. Thanks, Ming, for this very true and positive posting. Changing mindset is what we should strive to succeed. Good job!

  10. iSAVE: Thank you for your comments and recommendation, will check it out.
    Aiko: Domo arigato for your support :)
    CC: Glad you like it, have you gotten your free book?

  11. If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live. This too shall pass. This phrase will remind us that change is the only constant in life. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at...change

  12. mydreammytheme: Very profoundly said! Thanks for sharing.

  13. great ming ,keep up the good work, add more varieties of topic will help

  14. Bettina, Gary and Suriani: Thank you for your support.

  15. Ming ! This is awesome. Thanks for introducing me this blog. Great stuff.

  16. Thank you, Lily. Just sharing my thoughts. If it can help someone even in the slightest bit, I'm happy to have been a part of that little contribution :)